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High-Performance Polymetric Solutions from Cooley/.

Cooley Group’s 90-year-history of proven performance and innovative solutions has seen its membranes used in some of the world’s most high-profile environmental protection; water, fuel, and chemical containment; military; outdoor advertising; and roofing initiatives. Founded in 1926, Cooley has solidified its reputation as an expert in polymer technology and coated industrial fabrics across four divisions: Engineered Membranes, Building Products, Commercial Graphics, and Technical Textiles.

We have core competence in these three areas:
ISO certification

Highly diversified Engineered Membranes with proven performance.

Cooley/Engineered Membranes feature core applications that include primary/secondary commercial containment, military inflatable boats, docks/doors, waterproofing and water protection/preservation geomembranes.

geo membrane
geo membrane

High performance solutions for the Commercial Building and Roofing Industry.

Cooley/Building Products are the premier product solution for the commercial roofing optimised for every type of resistance: extreme heat and cold, UV, water, chemical, salt, and other pollutants & contaminants.

Innovative solutions for the Print Media Industry.

Cooley/Commercial Graphics develops the most innovative products and sustainable solutions for the print media industry.

geo membrane