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Marine Services

Vessel Chartering and Management

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Our Vessel Management division is responsible for the Company’s ship management and chartering businesses. The division began as the core business of the company but it has been further strengthened to complement services offered by other divisions within the Company.
Currently the division manages the Company’s chartered vessels i.e. Offshore Discovery, Offshore Surveyor, DPDSV Offshore Stephaniturm, DP2DSV Offshore Intervention, and AWB Offshore Safeena and other related equipment.

The Division is also responsible to manage and maintain specialised equipment owned by the Group, which includes Air and Saturation Diving equipment, ROVs, survey gears and AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles). Another main responsibility of this division is to manage chartering services for commercial purposes.

Vessel Chartering and Management Includes:
Ship Agency
Ship Management & Crewing
Marine Consultancy
Marine Brokerage
Subsea Engineering Support
Offshore Support Logistics
Port Agency
Ship Chandling
Dry Docking
Technical Support