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Environmental Studies/Consulting

Environmental Impact Assessment

Galembic International Limited offers environmental services to aid environmental impact assessment. Our expert crew guarantees the best approvals approach is established and accomplished to ensure well-timed delivery of your authorizations for your development project.

Community and stakeholder consultation is a vital part of the environmental impact assessment (EIA) process and is a key aspect of the Galembic’s method to conducting a successful and participative assessment and approvals process

We have been involved in every level of environmental impact assessment including Strategic Environmental Assessment and Environmental Review at State and Federal levels.

Environmental Baseline Studies (EBS)

An Environmental baseline study is undertaken to have comprehensive understanding of the physical, chemical, and biological environment and provides the foundation to a well-executed Environmental Assessment.

Galembic International Limited provides technical experts able to conduct required baseline and specialized studies in the areas of aquatics, flora and fauna, hydrology, hydrogeology, meteorology, air/noise quality, water quality sediment, and geochemistry

Environmental Evaluation Studies (EES)

Environmental Evaluation Studies evaluates the already ‘polluted’ or ‘Impacted’ environment to enable the government know how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ (i.e. state of the environment) the recipient environment is, so as to decide and design strategies for protection and restoration.

Galembic International Limited has demonstrated competence in carrying out this exercise for her clients. The study is conducted on an existing facility at five (5) years interval as deemed necessary by the regulator.

Post Impact Assessment (PIA)

Post Impact Assessment (PIA) will involve an assessment of nature and extent of environmental impact from operation area. These assessment usually includes Acquisition of qualitative and quantitative data/information (biophysical/socio- economic/health) required for evaluating the impact of the executed project activity on the environment, Identification of sources, pathways and receptors of Contaminant/pollutant, Quantification/characterization of the extent of contaminants/pollutants, where applicable, The use of Risk Based Corrective Action (RBCA) technique to determine the risk associated with the facility and Development of appropriate plan for site restoration and remediation as applicable.

Environmental Management Plan

This method is a standalone component of the EIA reporting process. The biophysical and Social/ Health monitoring studies will be provided in the EMP and shall be carried out during and after project execution, as applicable. The studies shall include: - Environmental monitoring, Post Impact Assessment (vegetation, aquatic, hydrogeology, biodiversity, social and health studies, etc.) during the various phases of the project (pre-construction, construction, post-construction, operations and decommissioning activities) as approved by the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR).

Environmental Management Review

Before developing environmental management systems or before and after any significant changes in operations, the company is required to review its activities to set policies and procedure that will promote sound environmental conditions.

We assist our clients to carry out environmental evaluation and reports.

Environmental Audit Report

We adopt the regulatory environmental management tool for measuring the effects of operational activities on the environment against set criteria or standards. This periodic exercise will evaluate how well your organization, management and equipment are performing with the aim of helping to safeguard the environment by facilitating management control of practices and assessing compliance with company regulatory requirements and standards applicable.

Air Emission Testing

Galembic International Limited provides air emissions testing and operational process optimization to document compliance with state and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements. We team with your Operations or Environmental Group to keep your facilities and permits up-to-date and in compliance. You gain a capable and experienced team that adds credibility for audits and outside inspectors.

Our team has wide-ranging experience in helping you optimize processes and reduce waste and emissions with capabilities such as:

Volatiles/Semi-Volatiles Testing,
Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) Testing
Particulate Matter (PM/PM10/PM2.5)
Testing Metals Testing
Acid Gases Testing
Dioxins/Furans Testing
Opacity Testing
Process Engineering Testing
Mass Balance and Recovery Determinations
Research and Development

Galembic’s experience base includes industrial, transportation and government clients, as well as those in the rapidly growing energy field — specifically renewable energy, power generation and oil and gas. We combine our knowledge and experience with a thorough understanding of your industry to maintain the highest quality of testing.

Oil Spill

We are national provider of complete oil spill solutions, GALEMBIC INTERNATIONAL caters to all levels of oil spill response requirements. Our services are technologically innovative and comprehensive to enable our clients achieve their goals — regardless of scope or complexity. Our people have a broad base of knowledge and extensive experience in all facets of the business.

GALEMBIC INTERNATIONAL management is principally focused on the safety of our people, the long term success of our customers and the efficiency with which we deliver our services. The company provides services to many of the foremost oil & gas companies in Nigeria.

Services include:
Oil Spill Contingency Planning
Oil Spill Emergency Response
Clean-up and remediation of impacted site
Oil Rig and Platforms Cleaning and maintenance
Post remediation assessment and monitoring