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Engineering Services

Pipeline Repair/Installation

Pipeline Construction & Fabrication

Galembic International Limited employs the use of latest technology in pipeline construction, installation, repairs and maintenance.

At Galembic Inc Ltd, Services such as:

Pipeline inspection
Pre-Commissioning and decommissioning
Pipeline construction
Pipeline repairs / Installation
Non –destructive Testing (NDT)
Corrosion Prevention and Control Services (Cathodic Protection, coating, Sand Blasting, etc)
Are rendered for effective management and maintenance of pipelines.

Composite wrap

Galembic International Limited employs the use of Composite wrapping, which is an effective method of pipeline repair and corrosion protection.

Composite wrap is a permanent, cost-effective pipeline repair technology, suitable for non-leaking defects such as pits, dents, gouges, and external corrosion. Composite wrap can be performed on an operating pipeline that might otherwise have to be replaced.

Glass Fibre Reinforced Epoxy (GRE)

Galembic International Limited employs the use of glassfibre reinforced epoxy for pipeline sustenance, repairs & maintenance. GRE technology reduces the dangers associated with steel and concrete pipes in the transportation of liquids and gases. It is effective even when the pipe is located in a corrosive, damp or any hash environmental conditions that can lead to leaks.

GRE pipes, with their attachments for use above or below the ground, are used in oil fields, industrial applications and desalination plants. They are also used for transporting drinking water, sewage drainage, on-shore and off-shore.

Non–destructive Testing (NDT)

Galembic International Limited offers extensive knowledge and in-service for non-destructive testing (NDT) to oil and gas sectors, chemical plants, contractors and piping and structural fabricators.

We also excel at observations and performance verification for bridge Fabrication across the globe.

Our goal is to help clients provide materials that meet project specifications and are safe and durable for their intended use. That includes avoiding costly repairs that can jeopardize the project schedule.

Fabrication & Erection of Warehouses

Galembic International Limited is focused at Heavy Structural, Metal Plate Welding, and Custom Fabrications. We also have the capability to:

Prepare quality unprocessed metal
Fix and weld pieces into assemblies
Machine pieces and assemblies into tolerance and surface finish
Assemble parts into semi-finished or finished equipment (including piping and electrical)
Shop preparation and painting

Rig Maintenance and Construction

Galembic International Limited provides a comprehensive range of services for the inspection, repairs, upgrade and refurbishment of drilling rigs, support vessels and other marine assets. Our professional approach includes the alignment of the project management to the client’s desire to getting the work done safely, to the highest standards and on time.

Galembic is proud to provide a committed and motivated workforce for a comprehensive service tailored to your needs and timeframe.

Services include:

Inspection, analysis and structural design
Project management
Offshore surveying, installation and commissioning
Surface Preparation, Coating Removal and Recoating
Hull painting, plating, piping and structural repairs and replacement
Industrial painting
Floating/Dry Dock and on-site emergency repairs
Underwater repairs and maintenance, including underwater cleaning of Propellers
Engine repairs/overhauls and replacement
Electrical, Electronic and Hydraulic systems repairs
Repairs and refurbishment of accommodation quarters
Repair/ Replacement of shale shaker, leg bracings, jacking unit, and raw water tower
Tank and Vessel Cleaning Waste Management (removal, handling and disposal)


Galembic International Limited offers onshore and offshore Oil & Gas Production Facilities Design and Construction with a big reservoir of experience in different fields of engineering. Our aims and objectives is to continue to increase our market shares in our core business areas in the oil and gas industry and to ensure clear understanding of client requirements in each contract/ project enabling timely and satisfactory service delivery that meets and exceed the expectations of clients.

Conceptual / Front End Engineering Design (FEED)
Field Development Studies
Ratroit / Revamp Studies
Hydraulic Studies for Pipeline Systems
Basic Engineering / FEED Packages

Detailed Engineering
Equipment Selection and Detailing